Socks and Sandals... fashion hit or miss?

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Once fiercely frowned upon by the fashion world, the socks and sandals trend has walked down some major runways in recent times, including the likes of Gucci and Prada. It seems that some members of the fashion crowd - both men and women included - have come around to the once controversial idea of wearing the two opposing items together, and are working the trend in quite a chic and edgy way. There are of course those that still remain defiantly against the look but, like it or not, this trend is definitely making a splash in the fashion industry. We take a look at some of the ways to wear and not to wear this love/hate combination:

DO... wear with sheer socks

Sheer socks... the sock that is barely there. But their presence makes quite a difference. Pairing some killer strappy sandals with some delicate sheer socks has become quite the statement and adds a bit of an edge to an otherwise formal evening look. 

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Do... incorporate bright colors and geometrics

The general consensus seems to be the more colorful and fun the socks, the better, so focus on pops of color and bold stripes and geometric prints. And this trend isn't just reserved for the ladies, men are also experimenting with this look that was once reserved for awkward tourists. The men's version of the trend is more laid back and casual, mostly worn with a sporty sandal.


DON'T...  wear with rhinestones and embellishments

There's something about this look that just screams "too old for the tea party." Beading and sparkles are a great embellishment when done right on the right article of clothing, but we don't think it's cutting it for the sock department if you're over the age of six. A pair of rhinestone-encrusted socks are something you might wear to a bad taste party.


DON'T... use ankle socks

If you're going to do the socks and sandals thing then you may as well do it properly with a full-size sock. Those short ankle socks, while functional in the right circumstances just don't look good with a pair of flip flops.

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And NEVER...ever... under any circumstances wear white socks with sandals

In our opinion, white socks should only ever be worn when partaking in sport. 


When it comes to fashion trends, it's hard to explain why something once considered so uncool is suddenly coveted by the fashion elite. What's your verdict on the trend? Share it with us in the comments below.

Posted on October 4, 2017 and filed under Men's fashion, women's fashion, Shoes.