Bespoke shopping tours, personal shopping and styling in Buenos Aires


Discover the best of Buenos Aires' shopping scene.

Whether you're looking for leather, Argentine fashion designers, homewares, textiles, art, 
custom-made goods, or something very specific, we'll design a shopping trip according
to your requests, budget and style.

Check out all of Shop Hop's services to choose the shopping experience fit for you.

Through our bespoke shopping services, you'll gain access to unique boutiques, artisan workshops and hidden, appointment-only fashion showrooms off the beaten track, giving you an exclusive insight into the local Argentine design scene and showing you a different side to the city. Our personalised shopping tours are available by the hour, half day or full day. We also offer luxury VIP packages for a truly luxury shopping experience. 

Alternatively, we can put together a customised shopping itinerary around the city for you to follow alone. Or, we’ll just do the shopping for you!

In need of a wardrobe overhaul and some style inspiration? We also offer wardrobe and personal styling consultations. 


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