On our BA shopping list this week...

Shopping advice in Buenos Aires

Are you taking on the streets of Buenos Aires shopping this week? If so here is a list of this week's most wanted items.


Stockist Information

Delly: Nicaragua 4519, Palermo, Buenos Aires - www.shop.delly.com.ar - info@delly.com.ar

BENSIMON: Quintana 492, Recoleta, Buenos Aires - www.bensimon.com.ar - contacto@bensimon.com.ar

Garcon Garcia: Honduras 4702, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires - www.thenetboutique.com - locales@garzongarcia.com.ar

POSCO: 'Bolivia' - Gurruchaga 1581, Palermo, Buenos Aires - www.posco.com.ar - contaco@pos-co.com.ar


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