A Men's Guide to Matching your Wardrobe with your Wine

Malbec. In Argentina it’s abundant, delicious and relatively cheap. When in Buenos Aires it’s necessary, nay, obligatory to drink some of that velvety good stuff. Although I'm not opposed to drinking alone (that’s normal, right?), you’re probably going to want some good company while enjoying a nice bottle of fine Argentine red wine. Since it’s unacceptable to show up to a wine bar in Buenos Aires without pants (seriously guys, wear pants) I'm going to give you some men's style advice and break down a few outfits that capture the body, mind, spirit and style of that wine you order. Ha! Just kidding. That would be ridiculous. Body, mind, spirit and style of a wine-outfit pairing? That’s total nonsense. In reality I'm just going to pick out a few bottles of Argentine wine and come up with an appropriate outfit for each. 

1. Hey Malbec! (Riccitelli)

Hey Malbec!’s label immediately draws you in (the actual wine isn’t bad either). It’s old-school superhero cartoon is vintage-quirky but also stylish. This wine requires an equally quirky yet stylish ensemble. I would go with a funky vintage shirt (tailored to fit), dark jeans, simple white sneakers and your favorite superhero underwear.

2. Animal Malbec (Catena Zapata)

An organic wine produced by Alma Negra Wines and Ernesto Catena Vineyards, this one’s got a primal earthiness about it that requires something bold yet natural. I’d go with a fitted leather jacket over a plain white tee, dark jeans or chinos and leather boots.

3. Cobos Volturno 2012 – (Viña Cobos) Cabernet/Malbec blend

With a retail selling price of over 4,000 pesos, this wine means business. If you’re cracking open this bottle, you should be wearing a sports coat at the very least. Even better would be to keep it classy with a tailored dark suit, skinny black tie and white pocket square. Essentially, you want to look like you’re in a fragrance commercial.

4. Recuerdo Torrontés (The Vines)

For our last recommendation I am going to stray from Malbec to a great Argentine white wine: Torrontés. Its nickname is liar’s wine because the scent would make you believe it’s fruity and sweet but it’s actually quite dry. I know what you’re thinking: I hate being lied to as well. But not when it’s a bottle of wine. I like when wine lies to me. In the liar spirit of this wine I’d suggest wearing the exact opposite of what you would normally wear. Normally a jeans and a t-shirt guy? Wear a tuxedo. If you normally wear a suit on a date try sandals and a Hawaiian shirt. Think you can’t pull off that orange blazer, now you can with a little bit of liar’s wine!

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By Ephraim Austin