A Shop Hop Guide to Instagram

New to Instagram, or just looking for some fresh faces on your feed? Here are some of our favourite instagram accounts from the Buenos Aires fashion scene to give you a bit more sartorial inspiration during your daily scrolls!

1) @lulufernandezz

Instagram Fashion in Buenos Aires

Name: Lulu Fernandez

Occupation: Fashion and lifestyle blogger

Why we follow: Envy for her wardrobe and constant travelling...


2) @muymona

Women's fashion in Buenos Aires

Name: Constanza & Mariana

Occupation: Fashion bloggers

Why we follow: Great way to discover local brands and fashion designers in Buenos Aires



Instagram style and fashion

Name: Renata & Andy

Occupation: Fashion bloggers

Why we follow: Great for outfit inspiration and latest trends 


4) @modahypeada

Instagram fashion influencer in Buenos Aires

Name: Mariana Riveiro

Occupation: Fashion blogger/Magazine editor

Why we follow: Amazing shoe collection as well as fun and varied posts with outfits and shopping ideas


5) @flopereira

Style blogger Buenos Aires

Name: M. Florencia Pereira

Occupation: Lawyer/writer/blogger

Why we follow: Her French Bulldog: Fidel

6) @iamaguscattaneo

Buenos Aires women's style

Name: Agustina Cattaneo

Occupation: Fashion consultant and speaker

Why we follow: her 'street look' uploads

7) @lulubiaus

Fashion blogger Buenos Aires

Name: Lulu Biaus

Occupation: Writer and fashion stylist

Why we follow: Colourful fashion inspiration and a big personality on the BA fashion scene


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