Behind the Scenes at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Buenos Aires Fashion Week 

It’s 4pm at La Rural, Buenos Aires Fashion Week’s main site, on day two of BAF Week. Flashing our precious backstage press passes for The Bubble in front of the security guards, we leave the hub of activity around the sponsorship stands and pop-up showrooms out front (which all appear to have been downsized for this edition) and venture behind the main stage.

There’s one hour to go before show time but Argentine designer Cecilia Gadea's team has been busy prepping since midday. Fashion shows are notorious for running ‘fashionably’ late, we were half expecting to enter a scene of chaos but everything appeared surprisingly serene. 

Along a row of brightly-lit make-up stations, a team of slick-looking make-up artists are busy powdering and painting the faces of young, slender models, while a hair stylist deftly arranges strands of their hair into a woven-like pattern on one side of their forehead, a subtle reference to the title and theme of Gadea’s new collection entitled Tejido Imaginario.

Over in the assigned dressing room for Cecilia Gadea, a team of wardrobe assistants sit chatting cross-legged on the floor waiting for their call to action. In one corner, a woman is busy with some last-minute ironing of the more delicate pieces. The twenty seven looks to be paraded down the runway hang on a rail around the room in order, with a piece of paper tacked to each one showing a photo of the assigned model and instructions on how to dress them in each ensemble.

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