In the Spotlight: Maria Redondo and Silvina Frydman, founders of Argentine leather label Redondo Frydman

Leather lovers will be in leather heaven in Redondo Frydman's new boutique in Buenos Aires. The collection, designed by Argentines Maria Redondo and Silvina Frydman, is crafted entirely from beautiful soft leather, including women's handbags, shoes, jackets, trench coats, pants, dresses and shirts. To find out more about this luxe leather brand, read our interview with the Argentine design duo below.


When was Redondo Frydman created?

The brand was founded in 2008.


How did you two meet?

We actually met at a tannery one day when we were both looking for leather. We started chatted and discovered that we had a similar aesthetic and got along well. We quickly became friends and the idea of joining forces on a new project came up, which has turned out to be very successful.


Were you both working in fashion at the time? 

Yes, both of us had our own namesake leather brands, Maria Redondo and Silvina F.


When did your interests in fashion begin? 

We've both always loved fashion and had an appreciation for clothing and accessories as objects of design. 


What's the idea behind the brand?

We work with leather, suede and natural fibres. We aim for simple designs in which the materials are the protagonists.


How would you describe Redondo Frydman’s style? 

It’s an urban style that's contemporary, elegant, free and deconstructed. For us, Redondo Frydman represents rhythm, movement and continuity.


Argentinian leather is famous, what is it that makes it so good? 

It's all about the way it's treated. The tannins used help conserve the leather fibres so you get a leather that is soft and gets better over time.


What's your best selling item?

Our Canasta Tote and the Malba Tote. Our leather trench coat is also a popular buy. (See photos)


Can you wear leather all year round?

Leather is always sexy and sophisticated. In winter, a leather jacket is a classic wardrobe staple, while in the summer we love wearing lightweight leather dresses and shawls.


What advice would you give to young designers who are wanting to start their own brands?

 Don't let obstacles get in your way. Stay on the path that is true to your dreams.


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