Top Five Buys for Men on the Buenos Aires Shopping Scene

The Buenos Aires shopping scene is not just limited to womenswear and acessories, there's a unique shopping scene for men in the city too. Due to high import taxes, it's not  worth shopping for foreign brands so focus on the vibrant local design scene and shop for made-in-Argentina items. To make sure you’re getting the most out of the shopping scene, here are our top five buys for men in Argentina’s capital.


1. A custom-made leather jacket

It will come as no surprise that the leather in Buenos Aires is top notch. In a city famous for its steaks, you’ll come across many leather shops and, in particular, family-run businesses and tailors who will measure you up and create bespoke leather goods tailored to your precise specs and style. A leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and you can create your own unique model, taking inspiration from designer jackets you've seen online or sample models in the leather workshop. From the zippers to the pockets the jacket is your very own creation and will be ready within 24 to 48 hours.  With an affordable price tag compared to what you would pay back home, this item is a must buy.


2. Leather shoes

Buenos Aires is famous for its handmade leather shoes, from classic loafers, brogues and moccasins to more edgy designs. Influenced by their Italian ancestors, the city's artisan cobblers employ manual techniques such as the traditional Goodyear welting method (think hand-stitched leather soles). There are many local Argentine men's shoe designers and boutiques to explore that sell unique designs or, like the previously mentioned custom leather jacket, you can opt for a bespoke pair, made to measure. For keen polo players, there's also the option of a pair of custom made polo boots that will fit like a glove. 

If you’d like to read more about bespoke leather shoes in Buenos Aires, check out our other blog post here.


3. Statement shirt

Argentine menswear designers and brands favour colourful, slickly tailored shirts in a range of prints and the local hipster crowd isn't afraid to wear them.  Opt for a fun statement print and you'll fit in nicely.


4. Weekend leather bag

You've got the leather jacket and the shoes so now you need a smart leather bag to complete your ensemble. A classic buttery soft leather travel bag or backpack is a steal in Buenos Aires and will last the test of time.


5. Hats

Hats are a must during hot summers and you can find a hat for every occasion, from the more traditional gaucho hats and felt fedoras from family-run businesses downtown to more modern, trendy hatters in Palermo where you'll find handwoven panamas, flat caps and other unique one-of-a kind headwear. 


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