The Best Vintage Shopping in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a dream for vintage lovers. There's an array of vintage boutiques, hidden showrooms, thrift shops and markets dotted around the city, where you can find an eclectic mix of pieces from all over the world, collected and curated by local enthusiasts. Here are some of our favourite spots for vintage shopping in Buenos Aires.

vintage boutique Buenos Aires

Bimba Ropa

Bimba is the project of Jazmin Rodriguez, an Argentine actress who has spent years marrying her love of classic movies and their protagonists with her passion for vintage clothing. Every item in her private appointment-only showroom was cherry-picked by her stylish eye for its uniqueness, quality and wearability in a modern context. You’ll find womenswear and accessories from both local and international brands and designers spanning all eras. She also has a affordable selection of second-hand clothing and some funky jewellery and accessories.
Barrio Norte, by appointment only. Contact:

vintage clothes boutique Buenos Aires

El Almacén de Lulú

Situated in a charming old San Telmo apartment, El Almacén de Lulú is reminiscent of a Parisian boudoir from another era, overflowing with all manner of gorgeous vintage treasures for the discerning woman, including clothing, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses, handbags, as well as a line of beautiful vintage wedding dresses. The personal collection was originally started by owner Lu’s mother Olga and every item has been carefully maintained. It’s the perfect spot to find a rare vintage gem, from a hand-painted beach dress from the 1970s to a sequinned 1920s flapper dress.
San Telmo, by appointment only. Contact:


Ph: Sol Díaz Couselo, Napoles

Ph: Sol Díaz Couselo, Napoles


Situated on one of San Telmo’s most picturesque streets, the newly-opened Napoles is a curiosity not to be missed. It's a magical emporium of storied antiques, vintage clothing and objets d’art. In amongst statues of Chinese warriors, iconic old motorbikes and rails of vintage clothing for men and women, there is a fully-stocked bar and restaurant that quirkily pays homage to the Italian mafia serving delicious cocktails and Italian-style cuisine. 
Avenida Caseros 449, San Telmo, Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to midnight, Sunday from 10am to 7pm

Vittorita Vintage Boutique

This is a place for the modern woman with a more refined taste. A step up from the chaos of thrift stores, this charming appointment-only showroom features elegant feminine dresses, blouses, shoes and accessories that are either unused, resold or authentically antique. The owners take great care in the curation of their collection and preservation of each piece.                                      Congreso, by private appointment. Call 15 6721 4062

vintage market Buenos Aires

Mercado de San Telmo

Join other curious thrifters in San Telmo’s famous indoor market where, alongside the sea of fresh produce, you’ll find innumerable stalls overflowing with vintage and second-hand items looking for a new home, from vintage leather bags, old-school Levi's and furs to a colorful array of retro-looking sunglasses and jewellery. As die-hard thrifters know, go prepared to sift through the junk to find that special something that catches your eye.                                                                                                                                        Carlos Calvo 495, San Telmo


Our tips for vintage shopping:

- When shopping for vintage clothing, be sure to try everything on as sizing was very different back in the day. There's always the option of getting the piece altered and tailored to fit. 

- Look after your investment vintage pieces as they've been around for a while. Store in cool, dry dark places and use padded hangers. Fold pieces with delicate shoulders as gravity will work against them if hung for too long.

- Hand washing is best. If you prefer dry cleaning, take your pieces to a professional that has cleaned vintage clothing before.


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