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Top six spring / summer trends to incorporate into your wardrobe in Buenos Aires

It’s that time of year again in Buenos Aires when the jacaranda trees are in full bloom and people are switching their wardrobes over from winter to spring. We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the new trends emerging for this season and here’s our roundup of must haves for your Spring/Summer wardrobe in Buenos Aires.

1. Comfy monochrome two pieces

Photo: Buenos Aires designer  Julia De Jong

Photo: Buenos Aires designer Julia De Jong

This one-color trend helps narrow down your choices and makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier as you don’t have to worry about what color goes with what. The good news is that comfort is key this season and designers have focused on loose fitting silhouettes, proposing oversized blouses and billowy pants as the summer uniform of choice in one-tone sets. Have some fun with a comfy two-piece ensemble in a bright summery shade.

2. Dazzle with stripes and prints

Photo: Buenos Aires designer  Mila Kartei

Photo: Buenos Aires designer Mila Kartei

A bold stripe or print is an easy way to jazz up your summer look. The classic Breton stripe never gets old but there are stripes in all colors this spring stamped across shirts and dresses. Exotic summery prints are also in abundance and work well for day and night. Introduce them into your swimwear too and make a statement by the pool.

3. Throw on shirt dresses and jumpsuits

Photo: Buenos Aires designer  Julia de Jong

Photo: Buenos Aires designer Julia de Jong

In line with the focus on comfort this season, shirt dresses and jumpsuits are everywhere and look effortlessly chic. They’re easy to throw on and dress up or down (just swap your daytime flip flops for a pair of wedges and some colorful chunky earrings).

4. Wear yellow and more yellow

Photo: Buenos Aires designer  Bendeyan

Photo: Buenos Aires designer Bendeyan

If you’re going to introduce one new color into your wardrobe this season, make it yellow. It’s most definitely the ‘it’ color and perfect for sunny days, from lemon yellow to mustard and more pastel tones. Choose your shade wisely. The olive skinned among us are the lucky ones who can pull off just about any type yellow and the brighter the better, but for those with fairer skin, stick to a darker more mustardy shade of yellow.

5. And if you don’t like yellow…

Photo credit: Buenos Aires designer  Min Agostini

Photo credit: Buenos Aires designer Min Agostini

Opt for red, navy blue, nude, pastels or a fail-safe all-white color palette. With these on-trend colors in your wardrobe, your spring summer 2018 look will be on point.

6. The fanny pack is here to stay

Photo: Buenos Aires brand  Nimes

Photo: Buenos Aires brand Nimes

That trend you never thought would come back again. They’ve been making an appearance on the runways for the last couple of seasons and now they’ve become a part of every handbag brand’s collection. We like a sleek, chic leather version of the fanny pack that you can wear around your waist or slung over your shoulder.

Need help fine tuning your spring / summer wardrobe? Contact us to go shopping in Buenos Aires and we’ll take you on a personalized tour of Buenos Aires best shopping spots.

A Men's Guide to Matching your Wardrobe with your Wine

Malbec. In Argentina it’s abundant, delicious and relatively cheap. When in Buenos Aires it’s necessary, nay, obligatory to drink some of that velvety good stuff. Although I'm not opposed to drinking alone (that’s normal, right?), you’re probably going to want some good company while enjoying a nice bottle of fine Argentine red wine. Since it’s unacceptable to show up to a wine bar in Buenos Aires without pants (seriously guys, wear pants) I'm going to give you some men's style advice and break down a few outfits that capture the body, mind, spirit and style of that wine you order.